OP Bibimbap

Date: Saturday, October 19, 2019
Time: Gates open at 0700 and close at 1700
Age Restriction: This will be a 14+ event and a day game!
Early Registration fee: $30
Late Registration: $35 after 9 AM on the day of the event
Payment: Cash only, paid at the event

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Kijŏng-dong, DPRK  – Tensions across the 38th parallel have reached extraordinary levels as Kim Jong-Un continues to expand the people’s army in North Korea. Despite efforts to relieve tension across the DMZ, Jong-Un refuses to comply with NATO demands. US troops have already reported hard contact engagements with North Korean military forces but the President hasn’t ordered any major military action due to the instability in the region and fear of nuclear retaliation. Previous fire engagements with the Korean military have resulted in minor casualties but in the past few months, US troops have reported more aggressive tactics by the Korean military.

A company from the 2nd Infantry division was patrolling the DMZ and when they made a hard contact with Korean military personal. The engagement lasted 18 hours and resulted in 92 casualties for the US Company. Three weeks after the engagement, Intel starts flowing in indicating Russian involvement in the region. Reports are showing that the Korean military is starting to use Russian Spetsnaz for training and leadership within their ranks. Intel comes in suggesting Korean military officers will be meeting Russian military advisors on an unknown date in hopes of obtaining modern weapons technology and maps containing specific US military unit locations across the DMZ.

Army INSCOM confirms a meeting will be taking place in Kijong-dong on October 19th, but there is no confirmation of any Russian involvement. Intel reports little resistance will be present during the meeting. With hopes of still regaining stability in the region, the president refuses to launch any major military action that would attract international attention to the situation but with Korean attacks becoming more common across the DMZ, action has to take place. In hopes of launching a covert mission, the president decides to send Navy SEALs to the region to gather Intel regarding any Russian involvement with the Korean military.

SEALs are inserted at the expected meeting location. the SEALs team reported high concentrates of Korean military personal moving near and on their position. At 0600 the team went dark and all radio contact was lost. The 75th Ranger battalion was immediately launched to perform CSAR for the lost SEAL team.


75th Rangers / SEALs

Multicam, Desert MARPAT, AOR1, DCU, Tan*

Register for 75th Rangers / SEALs

People’s Army

M81, Jungle MARPAT, Jungle Tigerstripe, OD Green, AOR2*

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* No ACU for either team. Do not wear mixed green and tan BDUs.


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