Twice a year we hold MilSim events that require the utmost in skill, communication, and coordination to succeed. These are TRAPs and Op Marshall.

TRAPs (Tactical Recovery of Aircraft Personnel)

MilSim Night Operation, Saturday, February 22nd, 2020 open to participants 16+

Welcome to TRAPs! This extremely unique and high-level MilSim event was originally held in 2006. This is a chance for teams to try their skills against an airsoft mission that has never been done before on an individual team scale. See below to item 4 for scheduling. Please read the following in its entirety!

This event will push the limit of your ability to function in a MilSim environment. There are no tag-ins, no respawns, and limited medics rules. Some situations you will be placed in are “no-shoot” engagements. You’ll be required to interact with locals and CIA operatives. You’ll be required to use your mind as much as your trigger finger. Make the wrong move, you jeopardize the entire mission. You must follow your team’s command structure.

This event will occur in extremely low light. It will happen rain or shine.




MOUT Night Operations

There will be in-depth briefings and safety instruction to occur before the Op.

Registration Information

1. Registration is limited to the first 60 participants who register online and complete their payments.

2. Squads of 6-8 people will be working deep within enemy territory.  Fire-teams of 3 or 4 are allowed.  Teams will be working alone for up to an hour per mission.  If you have 6-8 people and would like to work as one large team/group, please specify with Sean. If you are an individual who wishes to sign up and has no team affiliation please contact us to assist you to find a team to run with.  It is recommended to have a team…not required.

3. The registration fee is $55 per person and non-refundable.  Please make your payment of $55.00 via PayPal @

4. There will be two groups rotating through the event one at a time. To accomplish this will be the following schedule:

Alpha Group (30 players) – SOLD OUT
1600 – Players arrive and gear up
1700 – Safety & Operation Briefing
1800 – OP Start
2130 – ENDEX

Bravo Group (30 players)
1900 – Players arrive and gear up
2000 – Safety & Operation Briefing
2100 – OP Start
0100 – ENDEX

Team Requirements

  • Night vision devices will be allowed.
  • Uniforms are set to full Multicam or full Desert Marpat.
  • One person is designated as the squad leader. The squad leader is responsible for all members at all times. (i.e. reporting on time for deployment of the mission, keeping all team members accounted for)
  • Mid-capacity or low capacity magazines only (except squad weapons)
  • Only two squad weapons will be allowed per team. Please send us a message on the site or through Facebook if you want to reserve that spot.
  • Players must be prepared to play 4 hours straight! That means to bring any food, water, and other supplies needed to keep you in the fight.

Mandatory Items for Mission

  • Dead Light (red LED)
  • Radio
  • Whistle (only for emergencies)

Recommended Items for Base Camp

  • Folding Chairs
  • Table
  • Lantern

All of our rules, HERE, will be enforced. No exceptions. Please direct any questions or comments about T.R.A.P. to Sean, Chris, or Flo.


Roundhouse Productions

-Sean (the Saint) St. Cin
-Alex (Fade) Eng

Op Marshall


Operation Marshall is a 12hr MilSim event intended on taking your game skills to the next level. There will be no planned breaks during the event and objectives are decided upon by the flow of the battlefield and its constant evolution.

Command will be staffed by Veterans with combat experience. They will direct the fight from both sides with game control only stepping in extreme needs. Their expertise and guidance will provide you with the leadership and knowledge your team will need to win!

Player count will be limited to a max of 80 players on the field. Registration is limited and will close early!

1100 – Gates Open
1200 – Safety Briefing/Special Rules discussion
1400 – Op Marshall Stepoff/start
0200 – ENDEX of operations
0300 – Latest departure from site

Win the fight through securing objectives, completing missions, supporting your team and staying alive. You will have to think your way through the fight.

  • Humanitarian missions to local warlords who might or might not be there to help your efforts.
  • Clearing booby-trapped paths while threatened by local fire.
  • Negotiating with the local militia.
  • Engaging hostile forces while setting up your FOB and communication posts.
  • Preventing hostile forces from setting up a beachhead and controlling the battlefield.
  • Night operations.
  • Raids.


Midcap only game.
GBBR’s strongly recommended.
ROF limited to 25rps for all weapons
All squad weapons and AEG/GBB’s are limited to 400fps
Squad weapons limited to 4 per side (8 total)
1 Sniper team allowed per side (2 total)

Approved squad weapons:

  • M249
  • M60
  • Shrike
  • RPK,
  • PKM
  • Mk43
  • Stoner LMG
  • M240
  • Mk46
  • Mg42

Sniper Team Rules

  • Sniper teams limited to 1 per side (2 total)
  • 2 man team required, 1 w/out a sniper rifle
  • Minimum fps 450 – max 600
  • Minimum engagement distance 100ft will be strictly enforced



Belkan Forces – Uniform Requirements: Multicam
Squad Weapon Role (Limit Four per Team)
Sniper Team – Spotter, Sniper (Must be a Sniper and Spotter, Limit One Per Team)



Yuktobanian Forces – Uniform Requirements: OD/WC
Squad Weapon Role (Limit Four per Team)
Sniper Team – Spotter, Sniper (Must be a Sniper and Spotter, Limit One Per Team)



Uniforms will be strictly enforced. There will be no exceptions.