RHP Rules

PLAYER RESPONSIBILITY FOR INJURY – Upon participating in Roundhouse Productions events, all players agree to abide to these rules. The Roundhouse Productions cannot be held responsible for injuries stemming from play conducted within these guidelines. Players not obeying the aforementioned rules have full and sole liability for injuries or damages to themselves or other players.

1. All players must be 14 years of age or older. 14-17 for youth events permitted. We reserve the right to check IDs to confirm a person’s age.

2. No person is allowed to enter the playing field without the proper waivers and medical release form having been read, completed in their entirety, and signed. Click HERE and HERE for waivers.

3. Field fee is $30 dollars for all registered players. Registration closes 24 hours prior to the start of any event. Non-registered player fees are $35.

4. Events start promptly at 0900 hours. Late registration (after 0900) is $35, even if a player has pre-registered to an event.

Rules of Engagement


If specific game requirements are set in the briefing (e.g. destruction of key objectives with another, specific attainable objective), the objective will not be awarded to a team if players try to circumvent scenario rules.

1. The minimum engagement distance while outside is 25 feet with any weapon.

2. If engaging a house with hostiles from the outside, you may use your AEG if you are more than 25 feet away. If you are less than 25 feet away from a marked home, you must switch to your pistol.

3. A thrown, explosive / noise-making grenade (e.g. Thunder B) or a projectile shot from a launcher eliminates all players, friendly or OPFOR, in a 25 foot radius from the point of impact.

4. BB shower grenades DO NOT have an area of effect. A BB must hit a player to eliminate them.

5. Buildings marked with blue paint are accessible. DO NOT enter any other buildings.*


1.. The minimum engagement distance while inside homes is 10 feet with PISTOLS ONLY.

2. You must clear a house using pistols only. After the house is clear, you can use AEG’s to fire at attackers from the windows as long as your target is more than 25 feet away.

3. If hostiles enter a home you are occupying, you MUST engage them with PISTOLS ONLY.

4. No engagement in stairwells from either the top or the bottom. All players traversing stairwells are considered safe until they exit the stairwell.

4. A thrown, explosive / noise-making grenade (e.g. Thunder B) OR a BB shower grenade fired into a building will eliminate all players in the room the grenade or BB shower lands.


1. Calling Out – Call “Hit!” raise your gun, and use a red dead rag. If firefight is too intense to leave, stay down until it is clear to move. All hits on gear worn on the body constitute a hit. Gun hits do not count.*

2. If you are dead, do not loiter to watch the fight. Return immediately to your re-spawn point.

3. Do not talk to teammates if you are dead and give them intelligence on the opponent. Dead men can’t talk!

4. Do not leave the boundaries of the field during play. If you exit the field at the boundary areas, you must return to your re-spawn point.

5. You must re-spawn at your designated re-spawn points.

6. No blind firing. Blind firing is firing at targets without presenting yourself as a target as you shoot. If you cannot see your target as you shoot, you are blind firing.*


1. If you are within the minimum engagement distance, you will call surrender on the target. Surrender is called when a shooting situation is no longer safe, such as a finding a target from behind or from the side within minimum engagement range.

2. Face-to-face surrenders eliminate opponents with a 1:1 ratio. A face-to-face surrender will always result in both players being eliminated.

3. Called surrenders catching opponents unaware from the rear or side eliminate opponents with a 7:1 ratio.

4. Surrender calls are not negotiable and the person that has been surrendered cannot debate it. If surrender is called at the same time, both parties are out.*

General Safety Rules
1. Consumption of or possession of drugs and alcohol prior to, during, or after the event is strictly and expressly prohibited.**

2. 400 FPS limit with .20 gram, 6 millimeter BBs. No exceptions.**

3. Biodegradable BBs are required.**

4. Goggles or glasses meeting the ANSI Z87.1 standard with a full seal around the eyes are required. Non-sealed goggles or glasses, even if they meet the ANSI Z87.1 standard, are not allowed. Players under 18 must wear full face protection, (Mesh masks, shemagh, etc) with their full seal goggles.

5. Do not go into homes that are not marked with paint as being accessible to players. This rule is for your safety, and is also set forth by the City of Marina and our insurance provider.*

6. Once game is called, do not clear or fire your weapons until you have reached the safe zone designated by the operators. Uncontrolled fire after game has been called is not permitted.*

7. Blind Man – If a person is seriously injured or is in need of medical care, call out “blind man” loudly. This will stop the entire game so that staff can attend to the person. This call out is strictly for injury related purposes only.

8. Do not move objects found on the field or inside buildings to create cover or barricade entryways.

9. No arguing or fighting.**

10. No climbing onto roofs.**

11. No crawling under buildings.**

12. HPA powered guns will be required to have a Tournament Lock on their regulators, and RPS will be limited to 25.**

13. ALL airsoft guns brought onto the field will have their RPS limited to 25.**

* If you violate this rule, you will be removed for the remainder of the game.
** If you violate this rule, you will be escorted off the field and permanently banned from the field. There are no exceptions.

267 thoughts on “RHP Rules

  1. So basically bolt actions aren’t allowed? it’s hard to get a sniper below 400 fps without buying a specific spring. Also is there a limit for sidearm fps as well?

  2. Hello,
    Are AEG’s shooting under 350FPS with .20g bbs allowed to engage hostiles in the houses with semi only? My team doesn’t own pistols since we’re new, and don’t want to spend a lot of money acquiring those. Thanks for the info.

    • Though it would be cool, the answer is no. It can be upgraded above the 350 indoor limit and thus it would be extremely difficult to regulate at the field.

    • Sniper rifles are limited to 400 fps for this event. Only special events do we allow high velocity sniper rifles w/ special team requirements.

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  5. I’m 16 so can I wear a helmet,goggles, and a half metal mesh mask to cover my mouth and ears or do I actually need to wear a full face mask?

    • Hi Hector, we do have gun rentals only. They are $35 for the day and at this time we do not have a working charging station for batteries.

  6. Will there be more than one youth event in 2015. The one Aug 8 that’s not on the Concourse date is it ? Hotels are too expensive.

    • Polar stars will be allowed, but please follow us on Facebook and visit our website when we get closer to OP: Rockwell

  7. Is smoke allowed (ie Enola Gaye). Does friendly fire or gun hits count as a kill? Are rubber / fake fighting knives allowed?

    • No Clint you will need to have your own. There s rule will be in full force as well as the rps for all airsoft guns must be >25. There will be no exceptions as we sent an email in May, updated our fb and website with the new rule.

      • Yes, I saw the post on FB and on the website about the new rules, but it didn’t say if they’d be provided.

        I’ll be sure to purchase one beforehand.

  8. Did anyone find a tan plate carrier vest in one of the prep rooms after op Irene it has a Tokyo Marui pistol a radio and real steel plates it weighs 30 pounds its hard to miss please send info

  9. Hey, so I am running a BASR that I have had for a few years now, and I am not quite sure what its FPS is (I do not have a chrono). It has been advertised as just above 400 FPS using .2’s on retail sites, but I do not know if the FPS has gone down since then. I know the the field limit is 400 FPS using .2’s. The sniper is an A&K SVD. What should I do?

  10. Is a m249 mk11 aloud to be used for the event on 9/26. I don’t see anything saying no full auto support weapons. If full auto at high rate of not aloud. Would it be acceptable to you a programmable burst control unit it on it. To lower rate of fire and set to a burst setting like 10bbs per trigger pull. Or something like that? Thanks

  11. so on average how many players do you have each event?
    Im mostly likely going to be coming to the event in november 14. Im really excited! And also do you guys have a little fun? or is this a serious field? Just curious. Thanks!

    • We always have fun and you can make the game as serious as you want. We usually have between 150-200 players at each event. Weve been in business of running airsoft games for longer than youve been alive! We can put on a good show. Glad to hear your coming out to the Nov Event!

    • Hi Brandon,

      Use high quality bio bb’s. I personally have high end AEG’s and GBB rifles and have never had an issue as long as I bought high grade bio bb’s. We have to abide by this rule since we are restricted by local requirements.

  12. It mentions that players below the age of 18 have to wear full face protection. Does that mean I can wear full seal goggles, lower face mask, and a fast helmet? Or do I have to wear a full face mask like a paintball mask?

    • Hi Tyler,

      Our field’s FPS limit is 400fps regardless of the type of airsoft rifle. Please review our field’s rules.


    • Hi Jesse,

      We will have waivers at the field, but you will get processed faster if you have brought your waivers with you.


  13. What are the rentals? What do you get? I might bring a few friends who don’t have anything. And on the site it says there are rentals.

  14. if you are under 18 would a balaclava with up to standard glasses and a hat work? no lower mask just the balaclava. Thanks!

    • Hi Tyler,

      If the balaclava cannot be penetrated by a bb that is fine. And you will need full seal goggles, not standard shooting glasses for the field.

  15. Hey I am 13 years old (turning 14 in June) and want to go with my dad to the event on the 23rd of April and I do know that it says 14 but I am very mature for my age and wondering if the rule is very strict or if some times they are nice, thanks!

    • Evan,

      The rules regarding age that we have in place are not due to us being strict or nice, but insurance restrictions. We ask that all players who come to play are over the age of 14 with a legal guardian’s permission to play and sign the waivers.

  16. Sorry, I have one more question, do you guys sell bio bbs? Because if not I will buy them before , thanks and sorry again for wasting your time.

    • Hi Evan,

      No waste at all, we like to have questions so that you are prepared before you show up. We will not, but Perry’s Knife and Tactical will be on site with them.

  17. Hey there guys, I noticed for the upcoming op you’re allowing the sniper teams to take rifles with higher fps, can somone who’s not on the sniper teams use a spring sniper? And if so what is the max fps it can be?

    • We are the owner/operators on that site. Outside of our normal scheduled games there are no other times we are open.

      We do offer to rent out the field for an entire day, but there is an expense to that. If you would like more details please email: rhp_sanjose@hotmail.com

  18. I am new to airsoft and would like to know how I can make these guns legal for this field.

    -ASG Licensed High Power Steyr M9A1 Co2 Airsoft Gas Pistol (440~500 FPS)

    -JG AUG Military Special Edition Airsoft AEG
    (370~420 FPS)

    • The aug is the only rifle I have and I can’t afford another one right now. So it would be great if i could still use it, but the pistol I can change out with a spring pistol that shoots at 300 fps. But I kind of hate that pistol.

      • Hi Matthew,

        The pistol would be a definite no, every airsoft gun on the field needs to shoot >400 FPS. The AUG you may want to take to a local tech or shop and actually test the FPS to know for sure what it is shooting. If it is above 400 FPS you will need to have the spring downgraded.

    • we do allow you to use a shemagh, but it is highly encouraged you pick up a mesh lower. There will be vendors on sight tomorrow so check them out.

  19. Hello this is Isaac,
    1. Where do you go to fill the waiver if your under 18, and turn the money in?
    2. How and where might i go to test the FPS and if needed to lower it? (I have a sniper rifle)

    • Hello Isaac, we have a registration building near the parking lot and there will be a chrono station set up as well. We have to chronograph each airsoft gun and tag it if it passes the fps limits.

  20. I have all black gear boots to face mask is that okay? Also, can we use Gas blowback guns as long as they are 400fps and lower? And you guys are open EVERY Saturday from 7:00 to 5:00 PM right ?

  21. How much is it to rent a good M4 (from you guys ? Do you guys rent armor? If you do how much is it to rent the gun, and the armor?

    • We do have rental M4 classic army sportlines for rent during our events that are $30 for the day and we also offer full face mask goggles for $5. We do not rent out armor for events.

  22. I am 14 and this will be my first airsoft event at fort ord. I have purchased a very strong mesh mask and I will be using goggles. Will this be enough to cover my face so I don’t have to use a full face mask?

  23. Do you guys also rentals for guns? My dad has lots of gear from his old days in the army but he needs a airsoft gun do you have any available airsoft guns he could use?

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  25. Since sub machine guns (except kriss vectors, according to Sean) can be used indoors on semi, would I be able to use an mp40 indoors?

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  27. So i’m looking to purchase a gun for an upcoming event. I am also new to the sport. There are a few i’m considering but they are advertised for up to 400 fps. For example: 380-400. I’ve researched that shots through a chrono can be somewhat inconsistent. Say 1 shot scores 389 then the next is like 402 and then 394. Is that kind of discrepancy acceptable or must your gun not reach 400 *AT ALL*?

  28. I have an aeg that was previously chronograph last time I played at Fort Ord. Will I be required to chrono it again at this upcoming event? Thanks!

  29. I read an earlier comment that stated something about you have to sign up to be a sniper, is this true? Why would you need to sign up to be a sniper if it is true? That doesn’t make any sense.

    • Hi Chris, for a past event that we used to run we did require certain loadouts to register as that class because we allowed snipers rifles to shoot 600fps. This is not that event, nor do we have separate registration on the event page that would lead one to think we are currently doing so.

  30. Hello i was wondering if you guys rent guns and I wear because it’s my first time and I don’t want to go out with nothing and then figure out that you guys don’t rent guns.

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    • Yes, we do not have utilities on site. A vendor does come to the field and offer battery recharging for a fee though.

    • They need to be approved the day of, they are only authorized if the teams are unbalanced or if the opposite team also has a riot shield.

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    • If it is tan based then it can be used for that team. If it is green based then no it cannot be used for that team. Please read the description of the event on evike.com website, the uniform designations are clearly listed there.

    • If it is tan based then it can be used for that team. If it is green based then no it cannot be used for that team. Please read the description of the event on evike.com website, the uniform designations are clearly listed there.

  33. I have a polar star but my regular doesn’t have a tournament lock but the feild I go to usually justart locks it with some zip ties would that be fine for this feild as I had plans on going to op. Wildlands

  34. I’m not seeing any shotgun rules on the page, I have a gas powered JAG Scattergun. Would it be restricted to outdoor use or is it allowed to be used clearing buildings?

  35. On the night field parking lot is a camp via car accepted the night of November 18 out in a parking lot area for anybody who paid to play ?

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  37. I’m thirteen, could I get an exception? I’m on an airsoft team and they’re all going wondering if you guys might let me go…

    • Unfortunately our regular games are for 14 and up due to our insurance. But we do have youth events that are sponsored by the city of marina that allows younger players. Follow our Facebook page to get updates.

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  43. Is there a number I can call and talk to someone? I have a series of questions that are a little complicated for text…

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  45. Would a pp-19-01, basically the Russian version of an mp5 count as a pistol for clearing buildings? Considering you allow the mp5 and mp7

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