Operation Anti-Trust – May 19th

Operation Anti-Trust

May 19th

This will be a 14+ event and a day game!
R egistration fee is $30
Late check-in after 9 AM the day of will be $35
Cash only paid at the event
Link to our rules page HERE

In a near future…Modern day turf wars between massive multinational conglomerates have spilled into local suburbs surrounding a small town in Washington state.  Extortions and kidnappings have lead to small firefights and even full scale engagements. The fighting have been between mercenary armies hired by these massive corporations.  The most recent events include the assassinations of two executives from both of the corporations. These assassinations have lead to the kidnappings of both CEO’s from the two companies.  The mercenary armies have started searching house to house looking for their missing CEO’s and the general public no longer wishes to tolerate the invasions. Civilians have taken up arms to fight the mercenary armies, vowing to fight from house to house if necessary.

Compuslave and Terrordyne have deployed their elite troops to find their missing CEO’s.  Rumors of the use of harsh tactics and the use of advanced weapons in civilian areas circle through the armies as they spread out through the neighborhoods.  Other reports of civilian resistance groups are also coming in as causualties from both sides mount.

Here’s the question…work for the powerful Terrordyne, the sneaky Compuslave or be a civilian out to protect his or her home????


For those of you who do not have FB or dont want to register on our FB page, please email me your team preference and full name to rhp.sanjose@gmail.com
For the rest of you who want to do this quick and simple –
Register for CompuSlave: Woodland/OD/Green based uniforms
Register for the Terrordyne: Desert/Multicam/Tan based uniforms
Register for the Civilians: Civilian Clothes/Black/ACU
Go to the above team you wish to be on and mark that you are “Going”.  Please do not mark the interested icon as it wont help us to determine team balance moving towards game date.

49 thoughts on “Operation Anti-Trust – May 19th

  1. I’m new to airsoft so I do not have anything but I want to attend this event. Do I need to bring anything in order to play or will I be able to rent everything I’ll need onsite?

  2. Are spring snipers also restricted to the 400FPS rule as well, or do they have their own restriction? Places usually do 500 or so for them if I am not mistaken.

  3. If we decide to wear civilian clothing can we wear helmets and face masks? What about plate carriers for our mags?

  4. Hey,

    Really excited to participate! As I’m a newby I’m ok to rock up in a polo and jeans?

    Should I bring my own BBs? If so what size?

    The weapon and face mask rental is just $35? Can you rent extra mags etc?

    Looking forward to seeing you all out there 🙂

    • Yup that is fine for the uniform Jack. You should bring bio bbs, we do not have a weight restriction.

      The rental comes with a high capacity magazine, but unfortunately we cannot rent out additional ones as we only have enough for each rental.

  5. hey guys your anti-spam thing isn’t working and is making it so i can’t finish the sign up.
    Please fix, thanks

  6. What if I have a black helmet, black skull facemask, and a multicam chest rig (for my mags). Am I still allowed to wear civilian clothing and play as a civ or will my black tactical gear with my mutlicam chest rig force me to play on a different team?

    • We do allow hpa, yes it is still limited to 400fps, mist have a tourney lock, and fire under 25rps.

      No we do not have fill stations at our site.

    • Most people bring a couple of batteries just in case as we do not have running electricity onsite. But Perry’s knife and tactical has a charging station at $5 per charge.

  7. Where would we find the pictures and drone footage? I checked that DC photography page but it seems to be mostly old stuff

  8. Hello Chris Frey, I’m twenty years old and new to airsoft, I just want to know if there is any program or events that are for beginner or simply just to have a good time.

    • Hi Anton,

      All of our events are new player friendly, we regularly have a large crowd of first timers and new to our field players. Come on by on the 23rd of June and check it out!

      • Hey Chris

        I’m new too, this will be my third time and I can say that this is the best place to start 🙂

        Friendly people and very well led

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