Operation: Tombstone May 20th

Operation: Tombstone
May 20th
This will be a 14+ event and a day game!
Preregistration fee is $30
Walk on fee is $35
Late registration the day of will be $35
Cash only paid at the event


Boko Haram initiated a deadly attack on the Nigerian capital of Abuja. This surprise attack on the national government has been devastating and their army has not been able to take back the capital. Nigeria is asking for France’s assistance to help repel the terrorist group and take back their capital. France has called in their French Foreign Legion to create a counter offensive to repel Boko Haram.


French Foreign Legion Register HEREUniform Requirements ANY TAN BASED, MULTICAM, Khaki, Desert Marpat type Uniforms

Boko Haram Register HEREUniform Requirements Green Based, all black, ACU, Blue Jeans

20 thoughts on “Operation: Tombstone May 20th

  1. Instead of 2-3, 1.5 hour long games can we please try playing four, hour long games? Two before lunch and two after lunch? Also, last time, we only played two full games. The third game was a pistol only game which excluded a lot of folks who drove really far to play that didn’t have pistols. Just my two cents. Thank you!

          • Im always down for suggestions but I have a quick bit of math for you –
            2 x 1.5hr games + 1 x 1hr game (usual format) = 4hrs of game time
            4 x 1hr games (proposed) = 4hrs of game time.
            Its the same amount of game time, just formatted differently.

          • Hey Sean,

            Thanks for replying.

            I understand that the actual time played is the same. I’m just suggesting that we try a 4x 1 hour game format to keep the games fast-paced. That way we can try four different scenarios too.

          • Well I feel stupid as hell! Read to fast… Less breaks = more play…

            Would rather play 2 or one None stop game if people “Really” need a lunch then leave eat then come back…. 8 /

            Do agree with not having the pistol games. To restrictive.

        • I enjoy the pistol games. Since they are usually the last game played they are smaller and faster paced. Good for a change of pace once-in-a-while.

  2. Operation tombstone is very vague. It doesn’t say what time it starts and ends, where to meet exactly, and what is required and the limits on the guns fps, rps and such.

    • Scott,

      Our rules page shows fps limits as well as the rest of our field’s rules. The times are posted when you go to register for the event as well as our address.

  3. This will be my second time at Fort Order. Last month there were two unique game modes and a pistol match. Will the game modes be different than last month? I’m going either way, I’m just curious

    • No pyros of any kind, including “cold smoke” or “cold fuse” are authorized at Roundhouse Productions.

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