Operation Chaos – April 21st

Operation Choas

This OP was created and submitted by Diego “Joker”

April 21st

This will be a 14+ event and a day game!
Pre-registration fee is $30
Walk on fee is $35
Late check-in after 9 AM the day of will be $35
Cash only paid at the event
Link to our rules page HERE

A Russian Scientist has came up with a new computer hacking software that impacted elections and is now being developed that can be implanted into a nation’s security defense network, allowing a full invasion…

Intel suggests that the virus works by infecting every possible device and spreads to nearby devices and can access the entire device’s contents. As a test, they plan to hack all devices that are connected to the internet and reveal everyone’s internet history in the Bay Area.

Russian contractors have made their way to the Bay Area and are planning to upload the virus. US Secret Service and other agencies plan on taking the contractors and securing the virus while they are in route.


Please click the “Going” button on the FB pages below for each team.  If you do not wish to register via FB, please email rhp.sanjose@gmail.com and your team preference.

US Forces Register HERE – Desert Type Uniforms/Tan based/multicam FULL UNIFORMS – No black tops, no flannel tops, no civilian tops.

Russian Contractor HERE– Jeans and polo tops, green based uniforms

Our Address
2860 2nd Avenue
Marina, CA 93933

38 thoughts on “Operation Chaos – April 21st

  1. I’m new to airsoft so I do not have anything but I want to attend this event. Do I need to bring anything in order to play or will I be able to rent everything I’ll need onsite?

  2. Are spring snipers also restricted to the 400FPS rule as well, or do they have their own restriction? Places usually do 500 or so for them if I am not mistaken.

  3. If we decide to wear civilian clothing can we wear helmets and face masks? What about plate carriers for our mags?

  4. Hey,

    Really excited to participate! As I’m a newby I’m ok to rock up in a polo and jeans?

    Should I bring my own BBs? If so what size?

    The weapon and face mask rental is just $35? Can you rent extra mags etc?

    Looking forward to seeing you all out there 🙂

    • Yup that is fine for the uniform Jack. You should bring bio bbs, we do not have a weight restriction.

      The rental comes with a high capacity magazine, but unfortunately we cannot rent out additional ones as we only have enough for each rental.

  5. hey guys your anti-spam thing isn’t working and is making it so i can’t finish the sign up.
    Please fix, thanks

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