OP Krampus – December 9th

Perry’s Knife and Tactical

Operation Krampus
December 9th
This will be a 14+ event and a day game!
Pre-registration fee is $30
Walk on fee is $35
Late check-in after 9 AM the day of will be $35
Cash only paid at the event
Link to our rules page HERE

Somewhere Near the North Pole

Krampus, the long time companion of Old Saint Nicholas, has decided to make a move to become the face of Christmas. Krampus has raised an army of mercenaries and militias to take over Santa’s Village! A distress call was able to make its way to the Canadian government. They have dispatched their JTF-2 special operations forces and the U.S. has attached a Delta Unit to assist. Will you join forces with the Canadian-U.S. forces to take back Christmas? Or bring on a new era of Krampmus?

Perry’s Knife and Tactical will be holding a huge raffle estimated over $1,000 in prizes, as well as a $500 gun gear package. There will be additional raffle tickets sold along with your entry raffle ticket. Additional raffle tickets will be sold at $1 per ticket. raffle proceeds will be donated to Blue Star Mom’s and Toys for Tots!


Krampus Militia & Mercenaries HERE– Green/OD based uniforms such as Woodland Marpat, Woodland Camo, Woodland or Jungle ATACS, or any GREEN/OD Based pattern and Jeans with Green T-shirts, civilian clothing, ACU, all black.

JTF-2 Forces HERE – Tan based Full Uniforms such as 3-color desert, desert MARPAT, Desert ATACS

Delta Forces HERE – Multicam Only


Our Address
2860 2nd Avenue
Marina, CA 93933

20 thoughts on “OP Krampus – December 9th

  1. I got a set of camouflage that is overall brown and tan. you can clearly see its tan, but there is some green splotches in the design of the camo pattern, would this be an issue? The Uniform is styled like ATACs in terms of camo pattern design.

  2. Can we play the game type where one team starts in one big building and must defend it and the opposing team can get as close as they want (without entering the building) and can only be fired upon once they open fire? We played that once and it was a great game type!

    • Hi Patrick,

      Thanks for your comment, I don’t recall doing a scenario like that and a majority of players may get bored playing that for an hour and thirty minutes. Players expect and come out for our objective based games and that’s what we try to provide them with.

  3. I’m pre registered for mercenaries, if i wear blue jeans, do i have to wear a green top? Or will wearing tan bottoms and black top put me on another team?

    • Andrew,

      Tan pants and a black shirt would not put you on any team. Please read the uniform requirements listed for the event.

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