Heartbreak Ridge Site 2019 Calendar

2019 Calendar is finally HERE!  Please note dates are subject to change but we will do our best to keep to this schedule.

Jan 19
Feb 9 – TRAPS
Feb 23 – City youth event – All ages under 18 allowed.*
Mar 23
Apr 27
May 11 – City youth event – All ages under 18 allowed.*
May 18
Jun 15
Jul 13 – City youth event – All ages under 18 allowed.*
Jul 20
Sep 21
Oct 12 – City youth event – All ages under 18 allowed.*
Oct 19
Nov 16
Dec 14
* This event is for anyone under the age of 18.  Parents accompanying their minor MAY play that day.  Rentals ARE NOT available.

93 thoughts on “Heartbreak Ridge Site 2019 Calendar

    • TRAPs occurs no more than twice a year depending on demand from the players. This years event has just a few spots left as of today.

    • Hi Taylor,

      We hold games monthly and we have our schedule listed on the website. Also like us on Facebook and subscribe to our email listing in order to receive updates about games.

    • Hi Taylor,

      Are you asking if we rent equipment, we do. Full face mask with goggle rentals are $5 each.

      If you where asking what is our requirements for eye protection they are listed in our rules section of the website. If you are under 18 you are required to wear a full face mask. Over 18 you can wear just eye protection. The goggles you bring must be full sealed and be ANSI Z87 rating. Anything else will not be appropriate and you will be asked to put on another pair.

  1. Hello,
    I have a few questions because my friend moved away and i havent come back in a few months so a few details are slipping my memory. any help would be appreciated.

    -What time is breifing?
    -Will there be BBs available to buy on site?
    -Do you need to get small spring pistols that barely work checked in the FPS tester?

    I know its really last minute, i do apologize, Thanks!

    • Hi Luke,

      Briefing starts at 0930, but you should be checked in and paid before then. Gates open at 0700 and if you are not in line to register/pay entry fee by 0900 than you are considered a late entry and additional fees may apply. We usually have consumables like bbs available at the field for $15 a bag. You should be fine on the pistols.

  2. Hi there, is there more information available about the September 12th event? I have a large group of noobs I want to bring, would it be something ok for first-timers? Thanks!

    • Hi Camburu,

      Follow us on facebook and signup for our email news letter to get updates on upcoming games.

  3. Hi, for the people under the age of 18, do they have to wear a full face mask, or can it be A pair of goggles with a mesh, lower half mask as a two piece instead of a one piece mask?

    • Hi Zack,

      As long the goggles are full seal and are ANSI Z87.1 rated you can wear a mesh lower that covers the lower part of your face.

  4. Okay so I am new to the area and have 2 questions…what does the term “PTW” mean, and is the fps limit 400 even for bolt action sniper rifles?

    • Hi Chadd,

      It means personal training weapon, like the systema ptw. Yes >400 fps for all airsoft weapons, unless noted in the game like our Rockwell event.

  5. I use to paintball when I was younger and recently wanted to try an get into airsoft . I have all the camo and protective gear, but what kind of rental options do you offer ? I’d like to try something before running out and spending $$$ on a sport a may not love . Also is there a pricing list somewhere for how much per day/bags of bbs/ect?

    • Hi Marko,

      We do offer rentals at $30 per rental. BB’s are currently $15 a bag, but we are changing our provider so that price may change.

    • Hi Beau,

      Which event are you looking to get information on? We post games monthly so as soon as we are done with TRAPS we will post our March Game.

    • Hi Gerardo,

      Yes we have rifle rentals and facemask rentals.

      The rifles are $30 for the day and come with a hicap magazine and the facemasks are $5 for the day.

    • Hi Finn,

      No there is no way we would allow live grenades on the field or even deactivated grenades. The only grenades authorized are thunder b’s, cyclone grenades, and 40MM grenades.

  6. Hi I was curious what your stance on the King Arms M1 carbine was due to the fact the fps has been tested to surpass 400 ( 430 ) would it be a complete shutdown for me the next time if I were to bring it? or since it’s semi – auto with 15 rounds in it could be any exceptions?

  7. When is the field open? I am new to Airsoft and have never plaid yet, and this is the closest field to me, and I didn’t see any detailed hours. Pls reply. Thanks!

    • Gates are usually open at 7 AM. We post our hours for the event once they are posted so check here frequently or like us on Facebook at Roundhouse Productions

  8. If an event is full/sold out (Like it states for tomorrow 1/19/19) is there any possibly that a player can still play without registering before? Thank you.

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