OP Good Samaritan – May 18TH

This will be a 14+ event and a day game!
Registration fee is $30
Late check-in after 9 AM the day of will be $35
Cash only paid at the event
Link to our rules page HERE

Gates open at 0700 and close at 1700

Present Day Venezuela:

Riots and protests continue all over Venezuela over the economic turmoil the country has been facing. President Maduro is now marching the streets with his troops and clashing with the opposition lead by Juan Guaidó. As tensions have increased more and more citizens have joined the protest against the current president.

With APC’s and other armored government on fire, it looks like the country may be on the verge of civil war.


Venezuelan Military Register HERE – Khaki or Tan based uniforms and all black uniforms

Protestors and Militia register HERE – Anything Civilian related, Green BDU’s


OP Marshall August 17th

Operation Marshall
Operation Marshall is a 12hr MilSim event intended on taking your game skills to the next level.  There will be no planned breaks during the event and objectives are decided upon by the flow of the battle field and its constant evolution. Command staff will direct the fight from both sides with game control only stepping in extreme needs.  

The player count will be limited to a max of 80 players on the field. This is a midcap only game. GBBR’s strongly recommended. Squad weapons are limited to 4 per side.  2 sniper teams are allowed max.  See rules for sniper team qualifications.

You will have to think your way through the fight.  Humanitarian missions to local warlords who might or might not be there to help your efforts.  Clearing booby trapped paths while threatened by local fire.  Negotiating with the local militia.  Engaging hostile forces while setting up your FOB and communication posts.  Preventing hostile forces from setting up a beach head and controlling the battle field.  Night operations. Raids. Win the fight through securing objectives, completing missions, supporting your team and staying alive. 
Command will be staffed by Veterans with combat experience.  Their expertise and guidance will provide you with the leadership and knowledge your team will need to win!

Details – Age 16 and up onlyMidcap only game ROF limited to 25rps for all weaponsSquad weapons limited to 4 per side (8 total)Approved squad weapons – M249, M60, Shrike, RPK, PKM, Mk43, Stoner LMG, M240, Mk46, Mg42All squad weapons and AEG/GBB’s are limited to 400fpsSniper teams limited to 1 per side (2 total)Minimum fps 450 – max 600.  2 man team required, 1 w/out a sniper rifle.  Minimum engagement distance 100ft will be strictly enforced.

Doors open at 1000
Briefing at 1030
Op starts at 1100Endex 2300

Cost to participate – All players – $75

Paypal payments can be made at rhp.sanjose@gmail.com or cash at the field.  Registration is limited and will close early!

BELKAN Uniform Requirements – Multicam

YUKTOBANIAN Uniform Requirements – OD/WC

Uniforms will be strictly enforced.

Heartbreak Ridge Site 2019 Calendar

2019 Calendar is finally HERE!  Please note dates are subject to change but we will do our best to keep to this schedule.

Jan 19
Feb 9 – TRAPS
Feb 23 – City youth event – All ages under 18 allowed.*
Mar 23
Apr 27
May 11 – City youth event – All ages under 18 allowed.*
May 18
Jun 15
Jul 13 – City youth event – All ages under 18 allowed.*
Jul 20
Sep 21
Oct 12 – City youth event – All ages under 18 allowed.*
Oct 19
Nov 16
Dec 14
* This event is for anyone under the age of 18.  Parents accompanying their minor MAY play that day.  Rentals ARE NOT available.