Battle of the Black Sea – March 24th

Operation Battle of the Black Sea
March 24th
This will be a 14+ event and a day game!
Pre-registration fee is $30
Walk on fee is $35
Late check-in after 9 AM the day of will be $35
Cash only paid at the event
Link to our rules page HERE

Is it Mogadishu all over again?? That is the question that is being asked at the
Whitehouse as reports of a stranded US Special Operations Unit have started streaming in.

The resemblance of this same bad situation bears a striking resemblance to the nearly
doomed mission that occurred in October of 1993. This is Sam Klein of ZNN reporting….

On May 14 th of 2004, all talks between U.N. Diplomats and General Adwal failed. U.N.
personal and forces were ordered to evacuate, fearing a similar incident that engulfed the country of Somalia years before. During the evacuation a number of Somali Irregular attacked the embassy, causing substantial loss of life. All personal were evacuated except the final negotiating team and diplomat.

The United States once again received the call, and the elite of the elite, Delta Force C
Squadron, went in to rescue the diplomat. While on this mission, they to were cut off
from their extraction point. They have garrisoned themselves inside a stronghold, but
must be moved to the extraction point soon. Ranger Company F 75th(INF) has been
called in to act as a security force and assist with the extraction and escort of the delta
team and diplomat.

Enemy forces are mounting an assault on the Delta position and are massing around the building. These forces are Somali Irregulars or Militia. There is a second report of a small group of Somali Regular Infantry that has been stalking the Delta team. Intel reports that this is some of Adwal’s best.


US Forces Register HERE – Desert Type Uniforms/Tan based FULL UNIFORMS – No black tops, no flannel tops, no civilian tops.

Somali Irregular Forces Register HERE– Civilian clothing (Hawaiian Shirts and jeans are highly suggested)

Somali Regular Forces Register HERE – Green/Jungle based uniforms, ACU

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  1. I’m new to airsoft so I do not have anything but I want to attend this event. Do I need to bring anything in order to play or will I be able to rent everything I’ll need onsite?

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