OP Sleigher 2: The Red Storm – Dec 8th

This will be a 14+ event and a day game!
Registration fee is $30
Late check-in after 9 AM the day of will be $35
Cash only paid at the event
Link to our rules page HERE

Gates open at 0700 and close at 1700

Present Day – North Pole


Santa Claus is gearing up as his base of operations is under attack in the North Pole. Raiders found out about his mass of supplies he was ging to deliver to the families affected by the ‘Camp Fire’ in Northern California. Santa’s forces are ready to defend the supplies at all costs to make sure they can be delivered.

Roundhouse Productions will be holding a fund raiser for CALFIRE fire fighter Ryan Hornsby who lost his home on November 9th while fighting the Camp Fire. We will have raffle tickets for sale at $1 a piece where you can enter to win different prizes. We will update our Facebook page with all the different vendors that will be throwing down prizes for the raffle. If you would like to also donate directly to Ryan, there is a GoFundMe already setup and we hope to surpass the goal!


Team Arrangements
Crazed Raiders Register HERE – Civilian Clothes (ex. Black Top or Hawaiian Shirt with Blue Jeans, Tutu,s  ) Woodland BDUS, OD, Woodland MARPAT, All black

Santa Clause Security Forces Register HERE – Full Khaki BDUs, Three Color Desert, Desert MARPAT, Multicam, Etc.


OP Marshall – September 22nd

Operation Marshall
Saturday, September 22nd

Operation Marshall is a 12hr MilSim event intended on taking your game skills to the next level.  There will be no planned breaks during the event and objectives are decided upon by the flow of the battle field and its constant evolution.

Command staff will direct the fight from both sides with game control only stepping in extreme needs.

Player count will be limited to a max of 80 players on the field.

This is a midcap only game. GBBR’s strongly recommended. Squad weapons are limited to 4 per side.  2 sniper teams are allowed max.  See rules for sniper team qualifications.


You will have to think your way through the fight.  Humanitarian missions to local warlords who might or might not be there to help your efforts.  Clearing booby trapped paths while threatened by local fire.  Negotiating with local militia.  Engaging hostile forces while setting up your FOB and communication posts.  Preventing hostile forces from setting up a beach head and controlling the battle field. Night operations. Raids.
Win the fight through securing objectives, completing missions, supporting your team and staying alive.
Command will be staffed by Veterans with combat experience.  Their expertise and guidance will provide you with the leadership and knowledge your team will need to win!

Details – 
Age 16 and up only
Midcap only game
ROF limited to 25rps for all weapons
All squad weapons and AEG/GBB’s are limited to 400fps
Squad weapons limited to 4 per side (8 total)
Approved squad weapons – M249, M60, Shrike, RPK, PKM, Mk43, Stoner LMG, M240, Mk46, Mg42
Sniper Team Rules –
Sniper teams limited to 1 per side (2 total)
Minimum fps 450 – max 600.  2 man team required, 1 w/out a sniper rifle.  Minimum engagement distance 100ft will be strictly enforced.

Doors open at 0800
Briefing at 1030
Op starts at 1100
Endex 2300
Cost to participate –
All players – $45
Returning TRAPs players – $35
Paypal payments can be made at rhp.sanjose@gmail.com or cash at the field.  Registration is limited and will close early!

Belkan Forces Uniform – Multicam
Rifleman – Register HERE
Squad Weapon Role – Register HERE (Limit Four per Team)
Sniper Team – Spotter Register HERE Sniper Register HERE (Must be a Sniper and Spotter, Limit One Per Team)

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