Airsofting at Fort Ord – Roundhouse Productions

Welcome to the new home of Roundhouse Productions!  We are largest CQB field for Airsoft in the Bay Area, with a seasoned team of operators with over a decade of experience running the very finest in Airsoft Events.  Located on the retired Fort Ord Military base, Marina, CA, you will get to experience CQB and MOUT engagements like no other.  NOTHING comes close to the challenges and excitement you’ll experience at a Roundhouse Productions Op!

Roundhouse Productions is now proud to offer Youth Events!

Roundhouse Productions has RENTALS!!  Please email for details!

Check the 2019 Calendar for the complete list of events HERE!!

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DC Photography – Fort Ord Airsoft Pics!


Due to recent events involving HPA powered guns and what many see as malicious abuse by their users, many people are calling for the prohibition of their use.   While we do not agree that banning HPA will solve the underlying attitudes that drive a person to want to purposefully cause harm, we do feel that regulations and restrictions that can help ameliorate the situation and discourage abuse are a good idea to undertake.  With that in mind, going forward, we will require the use of Tourney Locks on all regulators and the rounds per second for all rifles will be will be limited to 25.


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